What does it take to increase the quality of living in your neighborhood? An active voice! #BeTheChangeVote will help you have that voice! #BeTheChangeVote is ready to educate our inner city communities to use their voice, unite, and prepare for the change that we deserve. Safe communities, crime free neighborhoods, thriving families,quality jobs, and higher wages can be achieved when come together to vote for elected officials.
Whether you live in Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, or Bay Counties, your vote matters! #BeTheChangeVote is here to make sure that you are educated, registered, and ready to vote. Whether you’re voting for City Council, Governor, Senator, or President, the people who hold these offices deeply affect our lives.


They decide on the quality of our schools, the available health care, job opportunities, access to public transportation, our environment and all the many other aspects of our daily life. Your vote matters!


It is our civic duty to not only vote but, It is crucial to know who you’re voting for and how it will impact your life because our government can be complicated and finding the information needed to make those informed decisions isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put this champaign together so that everything is all in one place.  So, on election day, we can make an informed and educated choice because our choice matters and it is the #1 way that our voice can be heard. It is our constitutional right as an American to go to the polls and decide who YOU want to run your county. 


#BeTheChangeVOTE is Real Women Radio & Real Women Radio Foundation  voter education program, designed to increase civic engagement. This campaign is designed to accomplish 3 things: 




1.Get people registered to VOTE

2. Have educated and informed voters

3. Increase voter turnout on election day

Are you ready to get to work?  Here’s how you can be a part of our effort to increase civic participation: Help us spread the word about important voting deadlines and information to your audience or members, ensure your employees and customers are registered to vote, or host voter registration events and training, and mobilize volunteers. 

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#BeTheChangeVOTE Partner