Organized by Real Women Radio & Real Women Radio Foundation , #BeTheChangeVOTE works with local community leaders and organizations to educate and register people to vote. Together with our partners, #BeTheChangeVOTE is creating a new culture of civic engagement rooted in education. In 2020, #VoteTogether is working with community leaders and organizations host non-partisan, family-friendly, community-driven #BeTheChangeVOTE campaigns and events. The events are focused on fun for everyone!

Why #BeTheChangeVOTE?

#BeTheChangeVOTE has 3 Goals:

1. Increase African American participation in all elections

2. Educate the public on the voting process
3. Educate the public on the candidates in a non-partisan manner.

Join our team of Agents of Change. Each week we will issue a mission to accomplish the

#BeTheChangeVOTE goals.

Step 1

The #BeTheChange Volunteer Program:

YOU are the best person to have a conversation with your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues about registering and getting out to vote. They trust you, they know you, and each conversation you have with someone you know is more effective than hearing from any other messenger.

 What Is A #BeTheChangeVOTE Agent of Change?

A #BeTheChangeVOTE Agent of Change is a volunteer team of at least 3 people that works together to help register friends, family, neighbors, coworkers—any eligible voter in your community.

 Every Squad needs a Captain. #BeTheChangeVOTE Agent of Change are volunteer leaders that build and lead a team, commit, and hold their group accountable for completing one action every month. As a #BeTheChangeVOTE Agent of Change, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be eligible for special events and promotions from RWR Live 365
  • Join exclusive training’s and briefings
  • Get access to coaching, tools, and resources to build your own squad
  • Be a part of a nationwide community of highly motivated organizers working to make sure that everyone participates in our democracy


Getting Started:

 As a Captain, your squad is yours to shape. Each squad will look and operate a little differently, and that’s okay! You might recruit squad members that all know each other well, or you might bring together individuals from different parts of your life who have never met. The important thing is that you assemble a group of people who are excited about helping more people participate in our democracy and can commit to taking action together on a regular basis. Every squad should take time to get to know each other, set goals and norms together, and have fun!

Roles & Responsibilities:

 AGENT of Change Captain

Takes responsibility for assembling a team and making sure the team is clear on goals and next steps.

 All captains should:

  • Recruit at least three members to their #BeTheChangeVOTE squad
  • Communicate regularly with squad members
  • Join a monthly call or webinar with Real Women Radio Foundation staff
  • Lead and oversee the execution of monthly actions & help register voters at 
  • Report back to Real Women Radio Foundation monthly to help us measure your impact 
  • Join The #BeTheChangeVOTE Agent of Change Captains online community on Facebook:

 Squad Member

Committed volunteers who own specific responsibilities, which are based on specific needs and might vary from project to project.

 All squad members should:

  • Take action with their squad at least once a month throughout 2020
  • Join The #BeTheChangeVOTE Squad online community on Facebook:


    Sign Up to become a Agent of Change, we will reach out to you to attend our training and receive your resources. 

    STEP 4 

    Have Questions? CONTACT US!!